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Specialist Pruning System To Keep Trees Healthy And Under Control

This pruning method is the cyclical removal of tree growth which is similar to a Crown Reduction whereby all the foliage is removed from the tree essentially leaving just the frame without killing it. Pollarding keep trees to a safe size for their local environment while promoting a dense head of foliage and branches.

This is ideal for large trees causing subsidence problems to a property, concerns for neighbours, overhanging trees on public roads or potential interference with power lines. Tree pollarding is regularly requested by local authorities, private homeowners and commercial landowners for these reasons.

If Pollarding is done with care, within 4 months, the foliage should start to return and also allows the tree to be maintained in the future.

This is only recommended for certain species of trees such as:

  • London Plane
  • Lime

We do not recommend pollarding any other species of tree, however, we can advise other methods of maintenance if required.

Tree Pollarding for Woodland Management

Pollarding is also an effective method in woodland management and offers beneficial long-term benefits to preserving tree stock by preventing grazing animals such as rabbits and deer from feeding on and causing damage to new shoots.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully NPTC Qualified Arborists and hold public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Tree Pollarding Service That Is Safe and Effective

Our tree surgeons are fully trained and qualified to provide specialist pollarding services and tree maintenance methods that are recognised in today’s arboriculture industry.

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